You can purchase nice MXGP souvenirs!

MXGP of Turkey Purchase MXHP Souvenirs

There will be many souvenir stands available throughout the event if you wish to purchase any memorable items from the MXGP organisation.

These souvenir stands will range from fun toys for children to miniature motorbikes for adults at very affordable prices. 


Fun fair at the MXGP

MXGP of Turkey Fun Fair

There will be a fair with great variety of games, activities and stands created especially for the MXGP participants.

Also the fair will have a Ferris wheel, gondola and many fun toys for children. Surely, both children and adults will have fun at the fair!


Zip line

MXGP of Turkey Zip Line

For the daredevils amongst the fans, there will be a zip line activity, a type of extreme sport, available at the MXGP event.


Open air exhibition at the MXGP!    

MXGP of Turkey Open Air Exhibition

Our art enthusiast guests at the MXGP will have the opportunity to view Afyon’s local art work at the open air exhibition.

Many different style paintings (pastoral, landscape, figure, still life) from our successful local artists will be displayed.

Exhibition will be divided into three main sections:

1. Local Artists

2. Young Artists

3. Famous artists from all over the country

MXGP organisation values the development of Afyon therefore many local artists will exhibit their paintings of the local landscapes, their inner world or local life styles.

At the same time, we are aware of that the young people are the future of Turkish art foundation; we are determined to support young artists of both from Afyon area and from all around Turkey. We are proud of supporting the young talents bringing out the artistic concepts to life.

Last but not least, we will host many well-known and well-proven artists from Turkey. 


Local handicrafts at MXGP

MXGP of Turkey Local Handicraft

In Afyon, famous for its local handicrafts, many handicrafts prepared with elegance by the locals living in the region, will also be displayed at the MXGP event.

Don’t miss the chance to interact with the local people, get to know about their culture and have unique souvenirs hand made by the locals. 


MXGP 2018 Afyonkarahisar round will have many exciting activities!

MXGP of Turkey Afyon

The MXGP race will be held in our country and also many other events will take place during that time.

Besides the race there will be many other activities such as; a concert hall with live performances, open air theatre, food and beverage stands, climbing wall, bottle games for adults, play parks and a bouncy castle for children, zip line, classic car exhibition and etc.

Follow us to learn more about these activities. We will share more information in the coming days..


Live music performances at the MXGP

MXGP of Turkey Concert

One of the most important rounds of the MXGP motor race will be held in our city, Afyonkarahisar. In this huge organisation and around 30 thousand people are expected to participate.

Of course, as the MXGP Turkey organisation we are not considering to host this event without a concert or gigs. Certainly, the MXGP event with many concerts will attract a lot of attention. Everyone who is attending the Afyon round of the race will be able to enjoy these live music performances.

Follow us to find out more about  these entertainments..


Classic car exhibition at the MXGP

MXGP of Turkey Classical Car Exhebition

At the MXGP Turkey organisation we are not forgetting about the classic car fans!

Classic cars are a passion that almost everyone is interested in. MXGP will have a section for the classic car fans and there will be a huge and exciting classic car exhibition at the event. All the MXGP participants are welcome to enjoy this exhibition.


MXGP 2018 Afyon round has many activities for children!

MXGP of Turkey Avtivities for Children

Besides being a big race, MXGP Afyon organisation will also be a family event.

There will be play grounds, parks for children where they can play and have fun with other kids as well as many educational activities to improve the social world of our children.

There will also be a bouncy castle and music activities for children so they can enjoy themselves during the event.

Additionally, there will be animators available for children, where parents can leave their kids safely and enjoy the race.  This event is planned for both kids and the parents to have fun and enjoy all the activities.


We will have stands

MXGP of Turkey Stands

Throughout the entire organization, during the events and the race, many food and beverage stands will be at your service.

Besides serving the highest quality of our varied and delicious dishes, you will have a chance to taste many local delicious dishes of Afyon prepared by the talented chefs of Afyonkarahisar.